31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/Day 19: Clear Vision & Clarity

As life would have it, there are always things that happen that cause us to lose sight of the bigger picture or we fail to understand why things are the way they are. This is because our clear vision and clarity has maybe took a detour and we are left feeling lost.

So adding them to our list of manifestations for the new year seems more than beneficial.

Manifesting your clear vision allows you to see the what and manifesting your clarity allows you to see the why.

Changes, delays, detours, and denials are all bound to happen in our lives and being able to have a clear perspective and clarity is something that can help us to be as positive as we can despite the circumstances and will still allow us to continue to affirm and manifest other things we need and desire.

When you struggle to understand something, in what way do you work to gain clarity while still remaining positive?

It’s important that you understand that the timing of everything is something that is inevitable and regardless of what you may consider to be good or bad, you still need to be clear in knowing that your purpose doesn’t change. Your ability to still succeed has not been removed. You are still in charge of your desires and still have the power to manifest them!

Gaining the clarity you need will allow you to take what you have now been faced with and still remain grounded in order to continue to grow and continue to live your life in it’s most fulfilling way.

Sometimes, for reasons unknown to us we are faced with hard decisions and we often don’t think anything positive could come from the situation one way or the other but that is because our clear vision and clarity has lost the focus it needs.

Use these manifestation affirmations to help you refocus every day…

I am clear on my purpose.

I am grateful for the abundance of clarity I have over my life.

Positive outcomes happen no matter what.

My life is full of understanding and gratitude.

I see the greater good of all things.

I remain positive and optimistic about outcomes I may not expect.

Consider that even though something may be unexpected it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t for the best or that the timing of it wasn’t for a greater reason that you may never fully understand, yet you have mastered the ways to be clear on the idea of it and you can move forward in peace with that.

Manifestation can go so much deeper than that of materialistic things and the more we take the time to understand our own mental power, we are more able to manifest the internal elements we need to cycle through and process life in a more positive way.

Until next time my lovelies.

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee