31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/Day 21: Trusting Your Intuition

To trust your intuition is to say that you will trust in something that you can’t actually see or hear but that you are wiling to move forward in the direction that your gut feeling is telling you to go.

Sometimes we have very little other resources to use to help us make certain decisions or to guide us so trusting your intuition is something worth manifesting the competency in.

To manifest the trust in your own intuition is to have faith in your own ability to guide yourself. For everyone this may look different but for all of us it will take a genuine confidence in the outcome.

Going into a deep and still meditation about the decision you should make is an important part of manifesting the trust of it. You have to truly be in a clear mental space and able to tactfully sort out your own thoughts so that you can allow the best one to lead you.

Trusting your intuition is to trust that your inner awareness and wisdom are always fully present and that you believe that it will never steer you wrong.

Even when you have had to endure an unlikely outcome, you must still continue to affirm your intuition. You must still carefully consider that what your intuition is telling you is of importance and that this may be the time to trust it, if even to a certain extent.

This is why prayer and/or meditation is such an important part of manifesting. You have to be connected to a higher level of thinking and allow yourself to be open and receptive to the message you receive.

Here are the manifestation affirmations you can use to begin to have trust in your intuition:

I am deeply connected to my intuition.

My intuition can be trusted.

I am clear on my choices and my intuition leads me to the greater of good.

I am on a path of success.

I trust my inner feelings and insight.

I am aligned with the best possible outcomes for my life.

My intuition grows stronger every day.

Use these affirmations daily and allow yourself to trust the power of them. Everything we experience has a meaning and for every moment that you must solely trust your intuition, you can feel better about making these choices because you have taken a significant approach in doing so.

Until next time my lovelies.

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee