31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/Day 22: Total Control ( Managing Anxiety)

It’s so easy to feel as though you have lost control of something right? And if you deal with heavy anxiety like myself then you understand what an overwhelming feeling it can be to feel as though you have no power over your own thought process at times.

“Total control” is another internal element that we should seek to manifest. As the world is constantly changing, we are seeing things we never saw before, and anxiety levels are at an all time high. So if we could just learn how to focus on capturing the control instead of feeling like we have lost it, we are better able to stay in a more positive state.

So for starters I would like to invite you to the concept of sorting out the things you can and cannot control. The things that make it to the “no control” list, let those things go. Make the conscious decision to allow yourself to back away from allowing those things to consume so much space in your mind.

TIP: Write them all down and symbolically release these things, you may feel a sense of completion in doing so.

Before you find yourself going into panic mode always ask yourself what exactly can I do to control this? What will worrying do to improve this situation? Put those things away and live in your present moment. Tell yourself that this is the moment I have control over and I choose to be calm, I choose to be cool, and I choose to stay collected.

The burden of anxiety is that one simple thought can lead to a million others and before you know it you have started into one of your anxious habits such as nail biting or pacing and for even higher levels of anxiety you may even find yourself an emotional wreck with uncontrollable outbursts of tears.

So we will manifest our total control because we have too much living to do to allow ourselves to have precious time wasted on that which we cannot control.

You must choose to affirm all the things you do have control over and these are the manifestation affirmations we will use:

I am in complete control.

I have control over my own energy and I choose to stay positive.

My life is my own to control.

My thoughts are always powerful and positive.

I no longer live under the control of anxiety.

I choose to be happy and content every day of my life.

Use these affirmations as the foundation for how you will lead and live your own life and always remember the power of your words.

Until next time my lovelies.

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee