31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/Day 23: Learning Self Love

Traditionally February marks the “season of Cupid” where people in relationships express their feelings for their significant other through different acts of love.

However, as we progress into a new year I want to make sure that we as women (men too if you’re reading this) are taking the time to properly express our love of self.

One may not think that we actually need to “manifest” self love we should just begin to do it right? However, I think that it could be really easy to get into a space where you are neglecting what it truly means to embrace self love so I feel that if we work just as hard to make sure it’s one of our priorities and actively affirm it we will begin to see how necessary and fulfilling it can be.

Back on day 7 of our 31 day journey we covered Manifesting Love and I talked about making sure you are operating from a clear heart and mind and that you focus on the type of person you are desiring to share your life with and who you want to attract and the same is such for manifesting self love. You want to picture in your mind what loving YOU means.

What does self love look like to you? What would the ideal relationship with yourself look like? What do you need on a daily basis to feel as though your love of self is present?

When you begin to manifest your own self love you are able to set a standard for the way you allow anyone else to treat you. You will exude a certain confidence in yourself that will be very apparent in your attitude and your energy.

Remember that self love is not just doing the bare minimum. It’s not just making sure you eat every day and your bills are paid or because you make the time to spend some of your busy schedule with friends and family that qualifies as self love.

Self love is intentionally carving out the necessary time, space and special attention to see what you truly need to live a happy, healthy and full life.

This may mean that you are making your gym time a requirement every day. It could mean that you make sure you are meditating twice a day. You may need to make sure that as often as you find the time to be an ear for other people to vent to, you yourself are seeking out therapy of your own regularly. You may need to work on a new schedule so that you aren’t missing out on hours of much needed rest at night. You may need to learn to treat yourself more instead of always giving to others. Work life balance may need a revamp and the list could go on.

Whatever it is, you are making sure that you are giving yourself what you need and you are doing it unapologetically. People have a way of guilting us about doing things for our own benefit and sometimes it’s actually us that is guilting ourselves out of doing things we want and need to do. Mothers specifically do this all the time. We make sure that our children are good no matter what and often that consists of lacking in some of the things we need, such as some simple me time every day just as long as they are taken care of because we believe that as long as they are good nothing else matters and that is far from true.

In order for you to be good to anything and anybody else you must first be good to yourself and so if you can begin to get into a mindset of the intentional filling of your own self love cup you will have more to pour into others because as we always hear, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”

So let’s be intentional about pouring into ourselves, here are the manifestation affirmations we will use to keep self love present:

I love myself.

I make time for myself and I love how I feel.

I am intentional about my self love.

I am a priority.

My health and well being are of great importance and I live a fulfilled life.

I make time for what I need.

I am clear on the areas of my life that need my attention.

My love of self is a priority to me.

My life is full of love and prosperity.

I am happy every day.

Be clear to yourself on what you need and actively work on it every day. Don’t just tell yourself what you need to do, actually do it. Loving you should never be optional and should always be and remain a requirement in your life and you should always seek to do so.

Recognize the periods in your life when you are lacking in doing this and make it a priority to take the necessary time to pay special attention to your needs.

The more you grow and get involved in the different acts of self love the more you grow in love with yourself.

Until next time my lovelies.

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee