31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/Day 24: Igniting Your Independence

Independence. The mark of one’s total reliance on self expression and freedom to make the best sole decision possible.

Having your independence as something you seek to manifest can seem a little indifferent but it all depends on the perspective you can view this from.

Independence doesn’t have to necessarily mean the point you are out of your parent or guardian home, or the point you finally get a car. Having independence can be something that we need to manifest from a variety of things.

As individuals we are often placed in positions where we become dependent on other elements in life and that sometimes can take a toll on us mentally.

For example, it can be dependent on a job that we are truly unhappy with. We can become accustomed to staying on this job out of the comfort and reliability of the paycheck to make sure we are able to survive daily living but at the core of who we are we may truly have an entrepreneurial spirit so we still yearn for more.

We can be dependent on a relationship with someone. Everything in our heart is saying that this relationship is no longer serving us but for what could be many reasons we settle for much longer than we should due to an attachment of again what could be comfort.

For some people they could be dependent on some form of drug, alcohol or anti-depressant that they believe is what they need to function on a day to day basis and they allow it control them and how they feel.

Whatever it is that a person is dependent on there may be a need to manifest independence from it because they truly know that there is more to life than what they are currently experiencing.

In what ways do you think igniting independence can get you grounded back to a place of peace?

Igniting your independence through manifestation and getting yourself grounded to a place of peace can unlock so many new feelings for a person.

There can be feelings of freedom, rebirth, control, and true soul happiness.

If a person doesn’t feel as though they have control over their own lives or certain aspects of it, how can they truly have a positive mindset to achieve their goals and grow in life?

This is why manifesting independence can be such a soul nourishing process, because you are intentionally bringing in this new courage to walk down your own path.

Here are the manifestation affirmations we will use:

I am in total control of my life.

Independence is something I easily attain.

I have authority over every aspect in my life.

I am happy with my life’s path.

I see independence clearly in my present and my future.

I am most happy independently.

Never take for granted what your independence can mean to you and what awaits you on the other side of it.

Take control of your life where you see necessary and never feel as though you aren’t strong enough to move the way you desire.

Life is a canvas and we are fully capable of creating the final masterpiece that we can feel confident in.

Until next time my lovelies.

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee