5 New Moon Affirmations for a Powerful Reset

If you haven’t attempted to use new moon energy to manifest new beginnings into your life this would be a good period to start exploring that territory.

The October 6, 2021 moon is a special new moon that falls in Libra which allows the opportunity to manifest more balance in different areas of your life.

Balance in your life can help with different types of relationships and bring a greater sense of clarity for things that may have been a bit more complex before.

So as you take on this period of intense new moon energy and all the immediate days to follow, be sure to speak into existence through the power of affirmation as a way to invite all the things you desire in your life for your reset.

Use the power of your mind to visually see yourself planting your intentions into the Earth and try using some of the following specific affirmations as you channel this energy:

We can never truly receive positive energy if we are still tied to the negative. In your affirmations, release anything that may be holding you back. There can be people and situations in your life that are keeping you bound to energy that is no longer serving you, in this new moon energy release all things negatively tying you down.

Set the intention to start with a fresh reset and invite in only the things that are positive and fulfilling to your life’s purpose.

In order to bring in the new, you must start from a new place. Affirming a reset of your life means that you are asking the universe for a fresh start. Be confident and clear in this affirmation as this is where you plant your seeds of intention.

Speak into existence for an abundance of new and beneficial opportunities.

Manifesting is all about bringing in the desires of your heart. Ask for an outpouring of new opportunities to fall into your life that will help to get you to new levels and shape your immediate future for the better.

Invite love and light into your life and the healing of any areas that are broken or in need of some TLC.

Love and light doesn’t always mean a focus on intimate relationships, inviting love and light into your life can be asking for harmonious personal, professional, and family relationships. Healing of broken areas allows for you to launch this reset from a healthy space.

Affirm that you are prepared for everything you are ready to manifest.

You’ve heard of be careful what you ask for right? Anytime you are inviting new energy to come into your life affirm that you are both ready and prepared for what is about to manifest. Often times we wish for things but never really think about how prepared we are for what we want. Is your business prepared for the overflow of new orders you are asking to receive? Have you become emotionally ready for new love interests to come into your world?

So as you embark on this new moon energy, I hope that you are clear on your intentions and that everything you seek to manifest and bring into your life leaves a powerful and positive impact and brings you clarity, focus, healing, abundance and prosperity on all levels.

Enjoy your new beginnings!

Until next time my Lovely,

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee