Thoughts of a Blog Queen: 50+Random Lessons I Hope You Learn This Lifetime

There comes a point in our journey in life where there’s something to be learned.

From friendships to relationships to family life, work life, business, parenting…you name it, there lies a multitude of lessons that we are in assignment to learn. Some to which will make us truly understand that life is all one big cycle of lessons and often we are challenged with situations on more than one occasion just to see if we have truly learned what it was trying to reveal and teach us.

I believe that as we phase through each new decade of our lives we experience the lessons differently. From our teens, to twenties, thirties, forties, and so forth. We are faced with making choices and sometimes never really know if it’s the right choice until it is made.

Then we are doing one of two things: relieved that the results turned out the way they did OR feeling frustrated, helpless, hurt, or maybe even confused as to why they did not. However, this is the point in the lesson that we actually do have control of the outcome far more than we give ourselves credit for it’s just that we aren’t handling it that way. If we begin to change the narrative and look at things in a different way we could actually save ourselves from a lot of the stress we begin to build from it. I want to share some of things I have learned so far in my lifetime, but we will get to that shortly.

Sure, human nature and emotion will signal us to feel a certain type of way but is there any other perspective you can gain from it? Ask yourself some of the following questions:

Could I maybe look at the situation as more of a lesson to teach me what not to do next time?

Could I use this experience to show me what certain people are capable of?

Could I allow myself to see the bigger picture here in that all things are not meant for me to experience at this point in my life?

Could I gain more of an insight into how I need to handle my personal emotions?

Could I step outside of the situation and see another way I could have done things?

Once you begin to condition yourself to start trying to find a more positive way of thinking about things despite the circumstances, this is when you know you have just leveled up in your growth process.

So regardless of the timing, regardless of the way you thought things should have been, and regardless of the circumstances now standing, always choose to find the lesson.

As promised, here is a list of random life lessons that I hope you learn in this lifetime….

  • When someone shows you who they are believe them.
  • Never allow money or financial gain to always be your motivation to make a decision.
  • Don’t allow your emotions to be your speaker. Sometimes you need to give yourself time to be grounded and then respond.
  • Drama that comes into your life is usually either created, invited, or associated with.
  • Mistakes are made but it’s the reaction that is judged.
  • Love is an action word.
  • The success rate of karma is highly probable. Put into the world what you wish to receive back.
  • Sometimes the path you approach is not YOUR path and another route may be more fitting for YOU.
  • People usually make time for what they want to.
  • Outgrowing something or someone is sometimes a good thing.
  • Boundaries are a form of self care.
  • Timing is everything.
  • There are certain characters in your life’s story that won’t make it to the end.
  • Sometimes you have to wish people the best and move on.
  • Just because the decision made you feel sad afterwards, doesn’t mean it was the wrong choice.
  • You can never see a bright future if you are still stuck in a dark past. Heal from it so you can live your life.
  • If you focus solely on the negative, you will miss the lesson that was waiting for you.
  • A shortcut isn’t always the best method.
  • Being protective of your own peace of mind is like guarding a priceless possession.
  • Not every action needs a reaction.
  • Silence is a response too.
  • Never negotiate your value with someone.
  • You can’t force someone to love you, but one day you will realize why that was best.
  • Blessings come in a disguise all the time.
  • Don’t remove the boundary from your life, remove the people that cross them.
  • Relationships are give and take.
  • Sometimes what people think about you is none of your business.
  • The best project you will work on in life is yourself.
  • Overthinking can be a survival tactic OR a self destructive behavior.
  • Bring your own table, to the table.
  • People will leave, but the lesson should remain.
  • Being rich without internal peace, is equivalent to being “poor” with a lot of money.
  • If you don’t go for what you want, you will never have it.
  • A large friend circle isn’t always fulfilling.
  • Family has to have boundaries too.
  • Saying no sometimes is a form of self care.
  • Focus more on who’s clapping for you than who’s not.
  • Life can be short. You have to truly live before you die.
  • Sometimes their behavior tells you everything you need to know.
  • Self realization is a sign of growth.
  • Being alive IS the special occasion. Celebrate now.
  • Your children are your chance to get it right.
  • Once you learn how to make yourself happy, tolerating people that take away from that defeats the purpose.
  • Sometimes it’s called “good”bye for a reason.
  • Comfort zones can hold you back.
  • Expectations will sometimes create disappointment.
  • True friends will not always tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear.
  • You shouldn’t have regrets, you should have lessons.
  • A repetitive “mistake” is a choice.
  • Forgiveness is for you, not them.
  • The most valuable things you can possess are your memories and experiences. Create good ones.
  • Check people’s credentials. How they treated someone else can be a warning sign.
  • The best math you will ever learn is how to calculate how much the decision will cost you.
  • True love requires vulnerability.
  • Constantly thinking of a problem, feeds it. Action will make it starve.
  • Social media can be anything it needs to be. Don’t get caught up in comparison.
  • Solitude can be healthy for you.
  • Your smile is an important accessory to wear.
  • The guilty are usually the most defensive.
  • You can’t pour from an empty cup. Make sure you have given yourself time to replenish.
  • People will try to copy your work, but your passion and creativity isn’t theirs for the taking.
  • Being strong is good, but never forget you’re only human.
  • Sex is energetic and your body is a temple.Be protective of it.
  • Ultimately your happiness is your responsibility, anything anyone else provides is a bonus.

And this list doesn’t even scratch the surface but I hope that you recognize that value in each of them.

A life lesson is all about what you make it, what you take from it, and what you learn from it. In the end don’t lose sight of what you gain.

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Until next time my lovelies.

Peace and Blessings

Sincerely, A Blog Queen