Five Things You Should Do NOW To Get Ready For The Fall Season If You Haven’t Already

So Fall has made it’s move. I don’t know about the weather where you are but where I am I have already started waking up to chilly mornings and much needed plush robes.

That’s how I know Autumn is settling in.

So with that being said, with it being October that means we are just about ready to close out the year as our 4th quarter has so quickly approached us.

When I think of the Fall+Fourth Quarter, I think of welcomed endings with promising new beginnings. I think of a way to start fresh for the highly anticipated new year.

So before we prepare ourselves for everything that comes with our own personal 4th quarter, I believe there to be a few things that you should most definitely be doing for the Fall if you haven’t already.

Reflecting & Journaling

I will NEVER not be an advocate for journaling. This is one of the most intimate forms of self therapy that I have personally found to be an ideal strategy for releasing those thoughts that sometimes we say out loud…but really shouldn’t have.

But not only that, it’s a way to reflect and look back at the year’s journey thus far and take inventory of the 3 A’s- attention, accountability, and action on the things we want to work on, change, bring in, or move out of our lives. It’s a personal way to tangibly see with your own eyes documented occurrences of how far you come in your growth process.

For me personally, I like to separate my thoughts and use different journals to hone in on specific accounts and areas of my life. Meaning my creative thoughts and my personal thoughts will each have a home of their own. Where I grow personally may not necessarily be a direct reflection of my creative inspirations and so for that I decided to create a set of 4 journals that I could break these thoughts down. You are more than welcome to take a look at my journal collection here Check out the P.I.N.K Journal Collection Here

Regardless of what journal you use, just journal!!

Normalize Home Workouts

So I know going to the gym and “gym baddies” is a whole thing right now especially for lifestyle content, but can we not underestimate the power and impact of the home workout?

I do get that some people are more disciplined when they actually get up and go to the gym or have the accountability of their trainer that they meet at the gym, but there are also so many opportunities to attend phenomenal virtual workout sessions from home as well as an endless library of videos constantly being added to YouTube that have amazing home workout inspiration. And hey, it could even be the pathway to a side hustle! Thing BIG!

With the colder months approaching it’s going to be so easy to skip gym day and stay in the warm comfort of your home sipping on hot coffee but if you are intentional about getting your fitness goal completed for the day, you won’t even have to move the car to get what you need!

Also, I’m finding it super fun to create my own personal home workout & yoga space with my personally selected fitness finds including yoga mats, full body resistance systems, smart scales and watches…oh and super cute and fashionable yoga sets, of course. Keep checking back in my Amazon Storefront for a look at the items as I am constantly adding some of the best of the best finds!

No excuses right? We do what we have to do to be successful in our personal goals and I am a true advocate for making your home a space where you can literally do anything you need to do to achieve them.

By the way I’m SUPER excited to transform my space and share it with you! Stay tuned for more on that to come!

Buy that ONE must have staple fall item.

Since we were on the subject of working out and feeling good, you might as well look good too. Now is the time to snag that one particular fall fashion find that you MUST have. This is the piece that is super versatile, perfect for the weather, and has that special YOU touch. Your personal style is the first thing people see when you walk into the space.

I happen to think that a good outerwear piece is something that you can style so many different ways. Whether it’s a fitted sweater or hoodie, a timeless pair of high waisted jeans, or that sexy LBD. Complimenting your choices with an all purpose, yet signature outerwear piece is the perfect finish to a dressed up or down look. You can find all the pieces I’ve compiled in my storefront for fashionable outerwear here, with new styles added constantly! But the key is to find something that speaks to who you are as an individual but also something that makes you feel confident in any setting you may find yourself in. Learn how to use fashion to your advantage and find the things that compliment your outer AND inner glow of self love and confidence.

Purge. Out with the old.

Well as long as we are searching for something new, don’t forget to let go of the old. There’s something so internally freeing about letting go of things that no longer serve you…both literally and metaphorically. As we get deeper into the fall and winter weather we may find that things are beginning to accumulate around the home and let’s not forget how many spring and summer sales we hit up last season!

If you are thinking of adding some new additions to your wardrobe rotation it’s always a good idea to let go of a few things as well. I live for a good home and closet purge! In fact I just recently donated tons of houseware & decor as well as several bags of clothes to my local thrift store and I gotta say this has to be the best release thus far. I literally had home items that have followed me from my past two moves and though some pieces we have are timeless, others things are just waiting to be re-homed or passed down. A good rule of thumb for giving away clothing and accessories is if you haven’t worn it out in over a year, let it go. Clutter carries weight and it takes up space both physically and mentally because it creates chaos. After I let go of some of the many things that I have been trying to hold on to for so long I felt a shift in the energy of my home, therefore causing a shift in me.

Get Organized. Planner ready.

So if I’m being honest, it took me a very long time to actually utilize a physical planner. To me, the best organization was the way I kept it in my head. I would literally just go with the flow and produce when necessary. Huge mistake.

Using a planner is probably the most effective way to manage your month and if time management has shown to be one of your weaknesses vs strengths, trust me when I say you will see a 360 degree turn around once you put your full calendar to visual use. How was I ever not using that thing?? I totally can’t see NOT having one now!

But now that we are in the last homestretch of the year, now is the perfect and responsible-ISH time to go ahead and start mapping out what the first three months of your new year are going to look like. This way you can use any down time you have now and for the rest of the year, to possibly get ahead. It’s a win-win.

These are just some of the few ideas that come to mind when I get ready for a new season to come in and I always see the positive results I’m looking for when I am intentional about making the most out of it.

So to sum it all up here, thought reflection, overall well-being, generosity, self confidence, and organization are going to be our “ideas” for the new season and I hope that I have helped to inspire the person reading this some of the ways we can manifest them.

Happy Fall!

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee