Thoughts of a Blog Queen/December Challenge: Self Love Notes Journal Prompts /Part 1

Days 1-7

So if you have been following our Thoughts of a Blog Queen on social media you may be familiar with the December Challenge I’m hosting right now.

For an entire month I am promoting the healing properties that journaling can provide us with. Journaling is something that I have invested my time and energy into for years. It has been my “go to” during moments in my life when I felt as though I needed a trusted outlet to release my most intimate thoughts to.

The truth is that I’m a firm believer in the perspective that not all things are made for you to share with other people. And while I fully support seeking a therapist, the reality is that not all people are comfortable with taking that measure either. So what do you when you need to release? What do you do when human nature is tempting you to unbottle certain emotions that are potentially thoughts that could be judged, thoughts that can be later used against you, or thoughts that can be seen as unconventional or maybe even a little weird?

You journal.

So as I mentioned, the theme for the entire month of December is Self Love Notes. I will be posting daily journal prompts to get you in the mindset of focusing on questions to ask yourself, reflect on them, and release the thoughts you incur into the journal.

Self Love is a multifaceted concept. Self Love is something that we sometimes don’t realize that we lack or that we don’t prioritize for ourselves in the midst of everything else we have going on and everyone else we so effortlessly serve first.

So if you’re a mother (or Father) a wife or a partner to someone, if you’re an extremely busy entrepreneur or full time in your career, a caregiver of any sort, or just simply a person that often overlooks yourself…this challenge is for you.

This challenge is designed to help you take a deeper look into different areas of your self awareness as it pertains to how you could maximize your self love factor and get into a habit of considering in different situations if the circumstances are helping or hindering you…serving or stagnating you?

It is my hope that as you reflect during this challenge you will have several epiphanies that allow you foster a better relationship to self.

So instead of doing a daily post I will break the challenge down into weekly bits and list at least 7 journal prompts at a time but they are intended for you to reflect on one question per day for the full month of whatever you start the challenge in or for 31 specific days.

Any journal will work of course but I would love to offer my personal Thoughts of a Blog Queen blank journal which you can find here at this link TOABQ JOURNAL and if you hurry you could catch an extra discount using the code: TOABQ

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So! Without further delay here are your first seven day self love note questions:

  • Day 1- What is one thing you love about yourself?
  • Day 2- In what ways do I encourage myself when I want to give up?
  • Day 3-When you feel like you’re not getting what you deserve, do you speak transparently about it?
  • Day 4-How do I maintain my independence and sense of “self” in a relationship?
  • Day 5-How comfortable am I with saying no to things that don’t actually make me feel comfortable or that inconvenience me?
  • Day 6-How often do I find myself apologizing just to appease another person?
  • Day 7- How do you prioritize your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs?

So even if physically writing in a journal isn’t your thing, you could always create a digital space such as in Google Sheets or a Word doc, or you can even audio record your thoughts in your phone’s voice memo app if that’s more your speed. These are still forms of journaling and will still give you the space to free your mind.

I happen to be an old school book lover so I appreciate the nostalgia of a journal in my hand, but to each it’s own.

Be sure to come back for the next set of questions for the next seven days and follow along with me and the challenge on Facebook. You can find the page here Thoughts of a Blog Queen Facebook Page

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Until next time my Lovelies,

Blog Queen