Thoughts of a Blog Queen: Self Love Notes Journal Prompts Challenge/Part 2

Though I’m a bit late with getting this half of the journal challenge posted I hope that you have still found some remnants of self therapy in utilizing the first week of the writing prompts (previously posted blog entry) as they have totally helped me to express some much needed feelings of gratitude for who I am and how I desire to be loved and care for…by me.

So without further delay here is the remaining month of journal prompts giving you a total of 31 days of self love notes that you are being asked to write to you, for you, and by you.

If you missed the first part of the challenge you can find it here Self Love Notes Journal Challenge/Part 1

Use these journal prompts as a way to dedicate intentional time for identifying significant access points to recognizing how your own self love plays such a prominent role in how others show you love.

Day 8- What does unconditional self love look like for you on a daily basis?

Day 9-How often do you listen to your first mind and trust your intuition?

Day 10-Have you taken the time to think about what your new year intentions are? What can you do differently that will cultivate your happiness?

Day 11-What’s one thing you can unequivocally describe in your journal that brings you genuine peace that you don’t want to live without?

Day 12-Do you genuinely enjoy your own company? Does the thought of being alone bring you peace & balance or angst & anxiety?

Day 13-After being angered or triggered by someone, what does it take to bring you back to a place of peace and calmness?

Day 14-When it comes to interaction with other people, what boundaries have you set for yourself that are non-negotiable?

Day 15-What’s a priceless gift that you could give to yourself this holiday season that will serve you in the new year?

Day 16-How much effort do you put into making sure the company you keep is only bringing positive energy into your life?

Day 17- What do you consider complete happiness and joy? What does “fun” look like for you?

Day 18-What do you look forward to doing most for yourself on a daily basis?

Day 19-What’s your vision of a successful season for YOU? What would make it prosperous & abundantly blessed?

Day 20-What is your own love language? How easy or difficult is it for you to express what that is to a partner?

Day 21-The love you give and show to others, does it surpass, equal, or fall shorter than the love you give to yourself. Be very open with this one..

Day 22-Do you feel you are easy or hard to love? Why do you feel this way? Has anything specific shaped your answer into what it is?

Day 23-Can you rely on yourself to always make the best decisions for YOU? How can you do better at avoiding uncomfortable situations?

Day 24-Do you have any ONE positive connection in your life that you can truly count on?

Day 25- How can you plan to make your year ahead more self love prominent?

Day 26-What’s something that you have proudly grew yourself out of or separated from because you knew it was no longer serving you?

Day 27-Have you clearly identified what you consider to be your weaknesses? How HAVE you or how WILL you overcome or embrace them?

Day 28-What is something new you may have recently discovered about yourself this past year that you love or see as a positive?

Day 29- What were you doing the last time you were extremely happy? What were the circumstances?

Day 30-When you sit and reflect on you and your life, what does that feel like? What are some great things that you have done to contribute to your success this far? Remember that success is not a one dimensional concept…

Day 31-You are truly one of a kind…if there was one thing you wanted the world to know about who you are what would it be?

How we choose to prioritize our own self love is truly a standard we are setting. I hope that this challenge serves you as much as it served me and allowed me to look deeper within myself for the answers I sometimes am not clear in answering. I used this challenge to bring to light and face some very specific questions. As much as society has used the whole “self love” concept as content inspiration I hope that this journey truly inspires someone to understand the actual importance.

This journal challenge can be used on any 31 day journey and is super beneficial to being able to look back and reflect on after a time period of working on the ones that you may have had trouble answering.

So grab your most favorite journal ever..(or you can grab my Thoughts of a Blog Queen Podcast Journal here) TOABQ JOURNAL and be serious about this reflection time. Commit to it daily for 31 days. Set an alarm in your phone for just 15-20 minutes a day to do this and be completely and utterly honest in every single word..remember your journal is your safe space. It’s just you, your thoughts and the pen there. Happy writing journey…

Until next time my Lovelies,

A Blog Queen