Thoughts of a Blog Queen: Inside Her Journal (A Prompt On Self Sabotage You Can Use Too)

How often do you say “no” to things that would interfere with your goals?

To say this is an easy question to answer or simple thought to unpack, wouldn’t be my most authentic thing to do because I actually think it’s kind of loaded.

When it comes to saying no, as an independent hard working adult, I would like to think that I have done a fairly intentional job when it comes to prioritizing myself and my goals as to not allow others to interfere with my process, or my cross my boundaries, but what about myself?

Self sabotage is a real thing for me when it comes to how I approach getting things done and going after my own goals and dreams.

There’s procrastination, self-doubt, and that taunting feeling I get of imposter syndrome when it comes to unfulfilling the very advice I so confidently give to others.

But if I can master the act of using the word “No” as a complete sentence to others, why do I sometimes fail at doing that same thing to the barriers that creep into my own mind and tell those thoughts…No.

No I will not be afraid to pitch this idea.

No I will not wait until the perfect time to launch this business.

No I will not think this is TOO much, or TOO little to share with the world.

Having the courage and intention to cling on to the idea that what I want to do and where I want to go in life is a choice AND knowing that it will require me to see things from a glass half full mindset is difficult at times too-but it can be done.

For me I decided that I wanted to begin my own accountability challenge and I want to journal or log every time I hold myself back vs when I intentionally say no to others. Hopeful that being able to “see” the self sabotage and the almost hypocrisy of the unbalanced differences I’m creating myself would place more of a limitation on those things going forward. This concept leaves little to no room to place blame on others, and it helps me to identify my strengths in certain situations and on the contrary my weaknesses.

When I allow certain behaviors of my own to limit my growth, I feel like I’ve let myself down because I know my own potential better than anyone else. So why is it taking me so long to rid those habits and limiting beliefs and just grasp a hold on to what I know is for my own long term success?

I’m vowing to be intentional about saying no to my own restrictive thoughts and no to my own worst enemy which at times can be myself.

So I hope that within this journal prompt you will find your inspiration and become fully self aware of the things not only outside influences may have but that you may be doing that are hindering you from achieving your own goals and find not just the answers but the solutions.

Take into consideration that out of all the factors that you may consider as obstacles or hindrances or maybe even setbacks, often times the root of those things are within your very own control and all it takes essentially is the decision to be more proactive with yourself and your intentions.

Until Next Time My Lovelies,

Blog Queen