“Baking”your blog.

So “baking” my blogs is something that I like to reference in my drafting period.

When I have completed a blog post, typically I would read it once and then read it once more and I always seem to find an error.

Taking that concept for my content but extending it I decided that I would actually wait a day (or maybe just a long period of time within a day where I would completely leave my site and carry on like usual. It was then that I would come back to my draft after leaving it in the “oven” (draft box) that I would read it again and see something completely different.

You know how you put something in the oven one way and it comes out in a completely different state…that’s what my process for drafting my blogs would consist of. I not only found missed minor errors but I would find new ways of rewording something or adding more of an explanation to a single thought.

This is essentially like laying brand new eyes on your work as would a new visitor to your blog.

I think that when we are in the process of actually being able to pump great content out we get excited and sometimes our fingers get ahead of our thoughts and we often miss things or don’t think it through thoroughly enough and we miss great opportunities to refine our content.

So plan to take a period of time away from what you’ve written and come back with a fresh pair of eyes and possibly a fresh new perspective.

Works like a charm!

Until Next Time My Lovelies.

Peace & Blessings