About La’Ray Renee…

Meet the creator of sharing_Pink, La’Ray Renee. Hard working single mother of one, with dreams to build a well known blog brand for women all over the world, La’Ray Renee decided that connecting with women through blogging and tapping into her creative side would bring great fulfillment.

Always working full time to take care of herself and her only son, La’Ray always felt that something was missing from her life,  and wanted more accomplishment so she began the journey of obtaining her college degree, and in her fours years obtained an Associates and Bachelors of Science degree in Healthcare Administration Management.

While very proud of walking across the stage, she felt as though it was time to embark on building an online presence.

Through all of the brainstorming, planning and ideas for a business there was one thing that always made her happy, and that was writing. Writing about her feelings of wanting more in life, writing about past experiences, and writing to motivate others. This was what she was passionate about. This was what she never had to question about doing. So, she decided to create a blog one day and to her surprise got a lot of positive feedback about the content she began to share.

Writing those blogs was a release and therapeutic in a sense. She was able to use the power of her words to reach other women and tap into what they were thinking and feeling…how inspiring that was!

From sharing those blogs on social media came an immediate satisfaction that came with it which then inspired her to create”sharing_PINK”. PINK to La’Ray represents the ultimate feminine power and within it means these four things..purpose, inspiration, nourishment <of the soul> and knowledge. These are the things she wanted to share with other women to motivate them to accomplish their own goals and understand that it does not always take much to start on the path to chasing your dreams, but it does take persistence and a deep passion to accomplish something for yourself.

“Being a single mother is by far one of the hardest things that a woman can ever have to go through in life but it is also one of the biggest motivating factors because you realize that it’s bigger than you. ” La’Ray Renee

So with a brand that came to life, La’Ray spent the next few years building an online presence for sharing_PINK developing motivational pieces, blog content, vlogs and podcasting in the hopes that what she had envisioned for her brand would soon come to manifest.

Despite going through many personal ups and downs, La’Ray continued to stay dedicated to the brand and seek out different resources that would assist in her dream.

Channeling in on her own spiritual journey she saw very impactful things begin to happen in her life like her long awaited goal of purchasing her first home as a single mom; to dealing with the heartache of losing a dear friend to death and remembering specific words that he said to her about accomplishing a goal, just before he passed away. Heartbreak, heartache, pain, fear, love, friendships, career, motherhood, and family all played a major role in the many ways she would use her voice and her words  and seek to inspire and motivate other women.

Fast forward to the present year while networking with many different women offering support of their own individual businesses and brands, it was getting in connection with what would soon become her very first client that confirmed exactly what her purpose was…..to build a business and platform through blogging that will offer a supportive service for women all across the country.

Stay tuned…she’s got work to do!