About US…

woman wearing yellow sleeveless dress
Photo by Keegan Checks on Pexels.com

Sharing_PINK was created by motivational blogger for women-La’Ray Renee, with what originally was going to be an online boutique called “Pink Accents”. Over the next year after birthing that idea, her mind set shifted and things began to change.

The brand concept…evolved.

She always knew PINK was to be the brand color because it was supposed to represent the most feminine brand as possible, after all this was for women… developed by a woman.

P.I.N.K was developed to bring a positive energy to women and therefore given an identity…Purpose, Inspiration, Nourishment( for the soul) and Knowledge..(P.I.N.K) and with the goal in mind to share that with as many women as possible..and TaDa!! sharing_PINK was alive!

La’Ray started by writing motivational blogs and quotes, vlogging videos, and creating audio blogs, and have since then flourished into the business world by using this format to work one on one with women to help them share their passions and their brand with the world one blog at a time.

Sharing_PINK is going to highlight your brand with an amazing blog, and help you to push your brand, product or service among the world of internet and social media!518D8733-3EE8-4215-8C79-84B61F5FE5E3