Sharing Deals: The Amazon Storefront & Discount Group

Who else LOVES Amazon!!???

SPP Blog is happy to announce the first commission based affiliation with our Amazon Storefront and newly developing Facebook Group!

Periodically here you will find featured blog posts highlighting some of the top recommendations with highlights and a review from the editor that will be available for your convenience with a link to the item directly found in the storefront.

As with any other Amazon Associate or Influencer your purchases made from following the link will result in a commission.

I am super excited to bring some of my favorite finds with the aesthetics I love and to let you know my honest thoughts. My only interest is to share with you!

Also, please consider joining the Facebook group. This is not a group that will constantly “@” you nor will there be any other attempts to sale products other than those found on Amazon with unique coupon codes that will give you a little something extra off!!

So I hope you will consider joining us as I work to build the group!

See you on the inside!

Click Here For The Amazon Storefront

Click Here For The Sharing Deals Facebook Group

Until Next Time,

Peace & Blessings

Blog Queen