“Thoughts of a Blog Queen”…Ladies, get into this new Advice Column!


What’s on your mind Sis? What’s bothering you? Guess what…I’m here to help!

So if you follow the blog on social media (Instgram and Facebook) then you may already be hip to the hashtag “TOABQ”..or what I like to call the Thoughts of a Blog Queen…uninhibited random pieces of my mind that I think all women can read and understand on a deeper level.

So…now I have decided to change the speed a little bit and not only share some of my inner thoughts..but I also want to help any woman that may want a piece of advice from one woman to the next.

Sometimes unbiased feedback is just what we need so I’m here for you girl!

Follow along as I share submissions from my readers and give my most honest and down to earth opinions that I can possibly think of!

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Signing off…

Your “Blog Queen”