Blog Features

Why do you need to get a blog feature?

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You have been working hard, building your business, creating your brand, or maybe you have just begun to bring your ideas to life. So what’s next?  A sharing_PINK promotional blog of course!

Collaborate with sharing_PINK Promos. to have your very own personal blog featured here on our site for you to have access to at all times.

Sharing your social media audience is a huge part of building your business and we have taken on the pleasure of working with women in creating a blog that will speak to her audience in a personal yet professional way.

We will speak one on one with you to gather the most pertinent information and use our skill of creative word expression to share with the world why they need to work with you, use your service, or buy your product.

Women need to have a resource they can go to that will support them, motivate them and remind them why they do what they do. Our promotional blogs are a way for you to capture what you stand for from the outside looking in and do it in a positive and supportive way.

Having your very own blog feature is perfect for the woman just getting started with with her business or brand and serves as a great social media tool for promotion.