Five Ways to Invest in Yourself

When you take a look back and reflect on your life, how much can you say you have honestly invested in something?

Likely you could say you invested your time in many things such as college, relationships and maybe even other people to an extent.

But how often have you invested solely in yourself? How many times have you done something that was an investment in your overall health and wellness, your mental health , or your own dreams?

Keep reading, I’m going to give you five ways you can invest in yourself and be sure to get the best return on your investment ever!

Learn something new and/or start a new business or side hustle.

This one can actually pack a lot within it, but never stop learning new things. You could never retain too much information or begin to develop a skillset in something that could benefit you in the long term. When you make it a point to expose yourself to learning something new, you could potentially take this and begin a side hustle. This side hustle that could honestly take up a lot of your attention and time has the potential to turn into a full time business for you IF you take it serious and develop a substantial business plan. But even if you don’t turn it into a business, the reward you gain from adding this new venture to your skillset is rewarding in itself because it was something that you chose to embark on and seek a finishing point. Being able to say you tried something new and can hold an in depth conversation about it and even share your knowledge with others is something that will always remind you of your ability to face a new challenge and see it through. The reward is truly mentally fulfilling and could potentially be a financial gain!

Seek a personal mentor, life coach, therapist or business and financial advisor.

Now this one will look different to everyone and will hold a different benefit from each. Depending on what your needs are at that time in your life will determine what you need. The truth is, everyone needs someone. That’s what life is all about and while I’m sure many of you reading this have probably had to be super independent and function on your own, there is always space for you to add another person in your life that you could turn to. I don’t mean that favorite family member or your best friend, I mean someone that you seek out that was once a stranger to you but that you feel comfortable enough to turn to for whatever life advice you need, whether that be a business advisor for the your new business we discussed above; maybe it will be a therapist to help you sort through your internal feelings after a major change or trauma you just went through; could be a life coach or mentor that will help you to just get your whole LIFE together on all aspects. Just understand that you never HAVE to be alone. You don’t have to process through life with no one in your corner, make the investment in someone else so that you can make the ultimate investment in you.

Attend Networking Events & Seminars/Travel

So this one can be a benefit for several different aspects but it could directly connect to my previous investment idea of starting a new business. Depending on whatever it is you are interested in doing, there are always great events planned that are niche based or specifically geared to assist you in taking your learning experience to the next level. There are also so many different events geared towards helping women achieve overall success and growth within themselves. From yoga and meditation events to self care retreats and female travel expeditions. There is something so fulfilling about taking an intentional trip be it with someone, or if it’s you conquering your fear of taking that first solo trip abroad. Of course as women we always want to make sure that we are safe and taking proper precautions whenever traveling alone, but I think it’s time that more of us realize that we don’t always have to wait on the infamous “girls trip” to travel and see the world. Investing in travel experiences should give you a sense of independence and empowerment. Or even if you find one good travel buddy that is just as much excited about traveling as you,make it happen. And here’s a little bonus tip-truth be told traveling doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think and one tool that I discovered that is super helpful for pre-planning trips is Google Travel. So where to next?

Take care of your “Temple”.

…and by temple, I mean that body of yours. YES this is an investment. You only get one of them to start with right, and it’s your duty to take the best care possible of it. So I’m not gonna tell you to follow this whole strict fitness routine and do this and that this many times a week but I am gonna tell you to do something. Stay proactive when it comes to what you do for your body and what you put into it. Okay, so specifically for the women, as I’ve gotten more mature (because I refuse to say “older”) I have come to learn that there are so many different ways that we have to take care of our bodies physically. Our care starts from the inside out, meaning it’s just as important to be mindful of what we put in as what we put ON. Here’s a short little list of things, nothing brand specific ( hey, this one isn’t sponsored) but just a few things that you will want to start looking into:

  • Vitamins
  • Probiotics(Gut and Vaginal Support)
  • Endless amounts of water
  • Natural Supplements
  • Greens (Or Chlorophyll drops for the cheat)
  • Healthy fresh fruits
  • Herbal Tea
  • Fiber

These are just to name a few things to get you to see that there are lots of things you can start incorporating into your life to invest in a better physical you. (Come back for the entry where I get into more of a detail with what I use and how and when I use them. )

Another physical investment is to find what I like to call your “golden skin routine”. This is the routine that you follow religiously. It consists of your must have products that just work for you. They bring out the glow in your skin, you’ve see the proven results and you keep these products in your possession always. Your golden skincare routine is something that may take a while for you to perfect but you are able to see the progress indefinitely. Going natural with your routine is beneficial because this too works from the outside in. Working on and taking care of your skin is something that I can personally say is an investment in your self confidence. I have struggled with sensitive skin issues for years and I can be honest enough to say that at times it took away from my self confidence but when I’m actively working to take care of it, experimenting with new regimen techniques and products, and finding my “glow” I feel good. I feel like I’m investing in something that makes me happy and makes me feel good about myself.

Your body is a complex work of art and it’s going to take more than a few basic things you do once in a while to uphold it. Investment in the time and resources for your body brings the return of life! You can’t do anything without being able to physically function and have a beautiful, healthy sustainable body temple to work with.

Mental Security Checks and Balances…

So I saved this one for last because I believe this to be the most important of them all and in terms of investment, I’m calling this your mental security checks and balances. Mental security is a very broad topic to discuss because not only do you need to be mentally balanced you need to be emotionally balanced as well and there are major life issues and situations that can come along and completely throw us off our checks, but it’s how you get yourself balanced again that brings the investment.

It’s starts with your mindset. How you are choosing to approach a situation or how you are choosing to react and respond. Making sure that before you approach anything you are in control of the direction of your thoughts and you have a hold on how you are going to handle it.

The different people you allow in your life also represent a huge factor in mental and emotional security. Some people add value-they bring peace and stability, consideration for your feelings, support, love, genuine care, just overall positive energy. Then you have those people that bring intense anxiety, worry, stress, lack luster communication, jealousy, hateful attitudes, and drama. Some people overly depend on you. They drain you mentally. They break you down emotionally and they deplete you of your positive energy because you have overly poured into them too much of your time, attention and energy and you got nothing in return. So there’s no investment there. Just what we often refer to as an empty cup.

Investment into your mental and emotional state of being starts with the different environments and different interpersonal relationships you choose to connect yourself to. You have to invest in the people and the circumstances that will ultimately serve you. We have often heard “you are who you surround yourself with”, “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”, or “if you are the smartest in the room you are in the wrong room.” Regardless of what your personal beliefs are on these types of quotes I think it’s safe to say that energy is transferable and so you are responsible for how you protect and maintain your peace. This includes investment of your time so invest it wisely. Invest your time into spaces and places that bring you peace. Invest your time into experiences that are going to give you a substantial amount of emotional balance. Avoid those situations that are going to have you on some type of emotional roller coaster where one minute you’re up the next minute you’re down because there’s no consistency in that particular relationship or situation. Find your steady peace. Find the sources on your journey that will provide you with placement in an emotionally balanced state of being. Once you master this, the return on the investment is priceless.

So there we have it…five ways that you can begin to making investments into yourself and get major return and rewards. Remember this…Self care isn’t selfish…it’s a lifestyle.

Until next time my lovelies

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee