Self-Care September: Living Colorfully

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So in light of September being Self-Care Awareness month I thought it would only be right to make sure that I shed a light on what that means to us as women, and how we can carry forth this effort not only for the month but to make sure it is a daily practice.

When you hear the words “live colorfully” what does that mean to you? Do you think of dressing in vibrant colors? Going out dancing, laughing with your friends? Does it make you think of traveling to exotic places? It in fact can be anything that you want it to be as long as it makes you HAPPY!

You see one of the things that we sometimes allow ourselves to go without it genuine happiness. And genuine happiness does not equate to fake smiling when you go into work for the day. It does not mean saying you’re okay when in fact you are not. Genuine happiness does not make you try to force yourself into situations because you think you are going to get some instant gratification long enough to post beautiful selfies on your feed and stories for OTHERS to believe you are living a happy life.

Genuine happiness is going to show you some things throughout your life. It will show you how to be grateful for the little things that we often don’t count as blessings. It will show you how to appreciate the people that were placed in your life for the good. Genuine happiness will show you how to add, maintain, and keep the color in your life.

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When a woman decides that she will fully embrace living her life colorfully she makes the choice to take on the following mantras:

I am in complete control of determining my emotions and I choose happiness.

When you live with the mentality that everyday you will make the conscious decision to be happy you will start to live in a more positive environment. Knowing that you are the orchestrator of your own life and that all of your emotions can be controlled by you, gives you more of a handle on things that may come your way designed to in fact test that control.

Each day is a new beginning.

By implementing this into your thought process you will look at each new day as not only a blessing but as a reset. You have the ability to start over with new and exciting things to look forward to. By looking forward to new experiences, whatever they may be, you are more prone to have a happier mindset because of the anticipation and excitement.

Where I am right now is exactly where I need to be.

This is an important one because the state of your mind and perception of your life has a direct effect on your daily living. If you aren’t aware that life is about growth and the ability to see things as they currently are and you are constantly living life longing for something else, it is likely that you will miss very important lessons and gems that you will need to obtain for the beautiful life that is ahead for you. So while it is great to have goals and dreams and ambitions, make sure that you don’t allow the lack of certain things to define your level of happiness.

I am allowing ME to be ME.

This one is probably the most important one of them all. Allowing yourself to be exactly who you are comfortable being is the biggest key to living colorfully. It means you are accepting of yourself no matter what. You are not living by what society or any other outside source claims is the “right way”. It means that you are wonderfully, fearlessly, confidently, and amazingly YOU. You are your authentic self with no guilt or no shame of it. You will do what makes you happy by any means necessary.

All that I need comes to me when I need it.

This one speaks directly to “where I am right now is exactly where I need to be.” When you can adopt a glass half full mentality you are never in competition. You are never living your life like you are missing out on something by not having certain things in your possession and you will choose to live life in the abundance of all things that are actually not material. What you need will come when you need it and what you work hard for will come even quicker, but don’t live your life by the measure of material things but more by the things that you can possess internally.

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So when you take these 5 mantras and combine them with intention and confidence, you are creating a recipe for life to be as bright and colorful as you allow it to be. You are able to paint this beautiful life on a blank canvas with the brushes being the very tools you create in your own mind.

Living colorfully is a mental state that looks good on all of us if we learn how to coordinate it with two very bold colors being…self love and self care.

Until Next Time My Lovelies!!!

Peace and Blessings.

La’Ray Renee