31 Days of Manifestations For The New Year/Day 1: “Goal” Higher

There’s something about putting that perfect outfit together right?

When you’ve got the perfect colors to compliment your skin tone, your hair is poppin’, makeup is flawless…but then you have to make the very mind boggling decision on which heels are going to complete the look… I say, when all else fails, go higher!

You can’t go wrong with a sexy heel can you? Even a T-shirt and your BEST pair of jeans could look nothing short of chic when you have the perfect heels on your feet. It’s a bold move, some might even say a fashion risk…but as women we take risks all the time. Even when you think you’re too paranoid to take a risk (so you never make bold moves or step out on faith)…THAT is actually taking a risk on missing out on something that could be amazing for you and your life.

So as we go through the month of December and talk about all the things we want to manifest for the New Year, let’s start that list off by making the decision to “Goal Higher”…

Manifest the goals you wish to successfully reach and let’s NOT put a cap on them.

Get out of the safe zone and step into a part of your life that can ultimately be determined by how hard you’re willing to go for it.

I urge you for the new year to invest in an actual planner and write out everything you can think of that is your goal and then work through them one by one.

Don’t limit yourself. Really think about this, and think about it as if it is already done.

The key to manifestation is to already claim it as done! You have to think, walk, talk, and breathe positive thoughts and no matter how scary they may seem, continue to chase them.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to focus your mind on the elements of your life you wish to manifest for the greater.

You see, it’s so easy to be defeated by your own mind when you’re so used to staying within that boundary you’ve created in your life, but no one…absolutely no one can tell you, you aren’t capable of achieving your wildest dreams except YOU!

So for our Day 1 manifesting affirmation repeat the following…

I am worthy enough to follow my dreams and manifest my desires to the the fullest.

Sometimes it’s the internal belief that we aren’t capable or we aren’t the “type” of person that can obtain high levels of success that cause us to miss out on our yes because we are busy comparing ourselves to other people and their journey.

Break that habit!

And let’s be clear, we aren’t talking new year resolutions here. We are talking about actually spending a significant amount of your time intentionally thinking about your OWN specific goals.

We want to visualize and manifest.

That’s the plan…see it happening in your mind and then living out the work it will take to complete it day by day.

So yes..”goal” higher for your dreams and oh yeah.. go higher in your heels…besides, you can’t be the boss woman you were made to be and not look fabulous while doing it!

Until next time my lovelies.

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee