Why Every Woman Needs To Detox…This isn’t about what you think!

When is the last time you did a detox? How many days did it last? What did you cut out? While you may be reading this and assume that this will go on to discuss all the reasons why you should cut sugar and fatty, greasy…finger licking good …(focus) I mean not so good foods out of their diets, this actually has nothing to do with food!

When was the last time you did a digital detox? Or a detox from people?

Where you intentionally took a period to yourself where you are significantly cut off from the rest of the world via social media, internet browsing, television and even face to face or verbal interaction.

Completing a digital detox may help you to establish a healthier, less stressful work-life balance.
Very Well Mind

From a person that has personally been easing my way back into regular social media usage, I found that I desperately needed to cut back on my daily usage as I began to physically feel the effects of spending so much time with my eyes glued to my phone and computer screen.

Even with all the day to day trauma being uploaded to social media, just think…we are all being exposed to an energy that could have more of an affect on us mentally and emotionally than we realize.

As a blogger, content creator, podcaster, and entrepreneur, like others that fall into these same categories I have to constantly “log in” and well…create. Not only have I built my brand digitally, I still work a 9-5 that requires me to get on a computer every single day so where does it end?

My work/life balance didn’t seem to have a clear line drawn between the two. I would leave one platform of work to begin another and not only did I feel burnout, I mentally felt that I was literally to my capacity and could no longer fit another day of multitasking everything I was trying to do. I was losing my creative drive. My motivation for what I had a passion to do everyday was drying out.

The modern day woman juggles a lot of different roles in her life and many of us do this simultaneously, so when the pressure gets to be too much you must first detach yourself from constant variables in your life and a good idea is to start with social media.

Think about how much negative energy your are exposing yourself to for starters. Sometimes you can’t help but to see the worldwide anguish going on and in just 8 minutes and 46 seconds you have just soaked up a trauma that didn’t personally belong to you but it’s that of one you could definitely empathize with and like many of us, become deeply affected.

Rest In Peace George Floyd…

Now for some people it will be hard to just completely 100 percent detach from social media as many of us use it to network and market our brands. So while I’m not saying that you will definitely be able to do this, depending on your circumstance I am saying that you can be more aware of how much time you are spending just scrolling and scrolling attempting to keep up with everything that’s going on whether it’s for personal, business or entertainment purposes.

The fact is..social media isn’t going anywhere and we have to be willing and able to find a healthy balance between jumping in and out of it when it begins to feel heavy and consuming.

Not to mention the constant comparison factor. It can be so easy to get on a social media platform and begin to obsess over all the things you are or are not doing in comparison to another individual whether that be in terms of business or pleasure. We see what the next person has and begin to draw assumptions that, believe it or not are often very far from the truth. We believe that what looks and good or successful may have been easy to come by for them or is a dream come true, but the truth is we don’t always know the behind the scenes story. We don’t know what a person is going through or had to go through in order to achieve success.

Then, what about your friends or the people you are connected to?

Have you thought about how your constant connection to them could potentially be affecting you? This may or may not be the case but I want you to be open minded and fully aware that sometimes granting access to you is almost like drinking the poison yourself. In other words, you are allowing people to dump more of their own energy into you by doing something so simple as listening to ( and participating in) the gossip or you are not creating boundaries with how much you allow one to “vent” to you or you are simply just surrounding yourself long overdue with individuals that are meant to be seasonal.

Not being a good friend is not the aim of this point, it’s understanding that it’s okay to create a space to yourself from time to time that no one else is allowed to enter.

The overall goal here is to create the best environment for yourself. What that looks like to each of us will vary, but doing a personal detox in your life is a must!

In order for us to give 100% of the BEST version of ourselves towards anything we desire to do in life, we have to first practice and master the art of self care. This means that you should always place yourself as a priority among other things on your list.

Do this by practicing your KNOWS:

Know when to say NO.

Know when enough is enough.

Know when you have reached your limits.

Know when you need that break.

You can’t always do it all. You can’t always be everything to everyone all of the time. Your self care agreement to yourself has to come with terms and conditions and I strongly believe that including a detox as an essential term is a valuable clause!

So…what will your agreement involve?

Get started on it today!!!

Until next time my Lovelies

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee