SPP Blog Book Reviews: Reaching While Teaching/By: Shanine Young

As a blogger, I get the pleasure of connecting and networking with tons of different women that are working towards a huge dream or goal and one thing that always draws me in, is the sentiment that I can feel if someone initially gives off a very positive and authentic energy.

Well that’s exactly the vibe I got from this amazing woman…

Shanine Young, an Educator, Entrepreneur, and published Author of the book Reaching While Teaching has definitely fell into a circle of fellow female entrepreneurs that I will always root for.

So I had the pleasure of being able to check out her first book and decided it would be an awesome opportunity to do a review of it.

SPP book reviews are broken down into our 4 mission categories: Purpose, Inspiration, Nourishment, and Knowledge

How does this book deliver a purpose?

I believe that this book clearly delivers purpose to educators who seek to connect their mission, with an encouraging word filled with faith and positive reinforcement. If as an educator you are looking for a resource that will support what you do, lead by an example, and tailor to your professional needs from a teacher to teacher perspective, this would be a great read.

What was the most inspirational gem found in this book?

While this book was filled with inspirational anecdotes and extremely well thought out examples of connecting faith to your mission in life, I would have to say that for me the inspiring gem I uncovered was in Chapter 3, Be The Best You That You Can Be where Shanine tells us…

You have unique talents, gifts, and abilities that you bring to your classroom.

Now granted I personally am not an educator (as her book clearly targets this specific audience) but I was still able to apply this quote to my own platform nonetheless. In a unique way we are all “teachers”, and the gift that we possess should be used to show and inspire others that have that same or similar gift or simply just used to share with the world.

We all in fact do have a unique gift and a passion within that so many of us as women are working hard to curate into something meaningful. SPP Promos Blog is designed to highlight women that are doing this very thing. When we begin to take our gift and purpose seriously and get in focus on where we want to go with it, we can be unstoppable! Take this author as the perfect example, she took what she does for a living, wrote a book from the experience she has had in this industry and built an entire platform from it.

Did this book provide the reader with nourishment?

So when we speak of “nourishment” we are speaking in terms of nourishment for the soul. Likewise, this blog platform promotes all things positive and enriching to the soul as women. Meaning does it uplift you? Does it motivate you? Does it pour into your mind, body and soul-formulas for a positive lifestyle?

RWT definitely checks all those boxes. Here’s why…

When I think about the field of education and how we often hear how sometimes teachers don’t often get the recognition that they deserve, I look at this book, written by an educator for the educator and I can’t help but to feel even more of an appreciation for this industry as a whole. That a bright young woman took her time and created a tool dedicated to show an awesome amount of love and support to educators from all walks of life.

I can only imagine that as an educator one would have many obstacles and challenges they must face and so the reassurance that was provided in this book definitely delivers a soul nourishing gift.

Last but not least of the four missions…

In reading this book, did the reader gain any form of knowledge?

I would have to say that while I feel this book delivered more insight, encouragement and inspiration than anything, I do feel that it gave tools that to an educator specifically, would be highly useful and beneficial to tailoring and refining their methods of teaching or at least provide a positive perspective in doing so. She offered useful tips throughout the book that could be used to aid any educator both mentally and spiritually.

So should you take an interest in this book….my answer is ABSOLUTELY!

SPP gives it our P.I.N.K Touch of Approval! We celebrate this young lady and what she has given her community and the world as a resourceful and inspiring gift!

I believe that regularly reading and finding books and different resources that are filled with gems from women walking in their God given purpose that other women in turn can apply to their own journey is an excellent way to connect to your own purpose or to begin to pave the path to finding it.

Author Shanine Young is actively working with her clientele to help them build their own way to successful entrepreneurship and if that’s something that you find to be interesting check her social media out that can be found below!

If you are interested in connecting with her or learning more about her services you can check out her website here Connect with Shanine