31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/Day 5: Manifesting Your Move

As we go along this journey of manifesting all the things we desire for a new and prosperous year there are three key things to remember about manifesting anything…positivity of course, and the other two are visualization and gratitude.

So let’s lay down the groundwork: you must first always have a positive mindset. You must see yourself with whatever it is you are trying to manifest and you must be grateful that you have already received it (even though it may be yet to come)this is basically the law of attraction.

So let’s talk about that new house or new place you have been wanting. Manifesting a new home is a very common thing because so many of us want to be in our dream homes. Even if it isn’t your “dream home”you may still have a desire to manifest a new place of residence.

For whatever reason, whether you’re just getting started, whether you need a new environment, you need more space, you’re tired of renting or have just always dreamed of buying your first home, there are certain things you need to be very clear about when it comes to manifesting this new place.

Start by being grateful for where you are now and just the fact that you have a roof over your head or you have some place to lay down at night. If you are a person that prays or meditates, just pray and be thankful for that alone because some people aren’t even able to say that they have a place to live.

Next you really want to think thoroughly about the next place you want to move into, be very specific and write these things down.

Write down how big you want the house, how many bedrooms you need-every detail of this place even if it’s an apartment that you want to move into write down every single detail that this new place will have and begin to visualize it in the real form. If there’s a house that you found online that is up for sale or a house that you ride by everyday on your route to work continue to make sure that seeing this place continues. Look the place up online every single day or even if you have time to just stop in front of the place if you happen to ride by it on your daily route. Look at this house or new place and visualize yourself actually living in the space.

Think about how happy you will be in your new place, think about how you will make this new place your own unique space, and think about how you will feel on a day-to-day basis after manifesting something you really wanted.

How often do you take the time to fill your mind with positive books? It’s important on your manifestation journey to be filled with soul nurturing thoughts and ideas.

Something that is also very important to remember is that this process may take some time. It could happen very quickly for you which is great, but it could also be a drawn out process that will require you to have patience and trust in the timing.

As a homeowner of only three years myself I know firsthand the emotional roller coaster as well as frustration buying a home could potentially take you on, so you have to understand that this is a process.

If you are interested in hearing about my personal journey and testimony to buying a home you can find it in the first season of one of my podcast platforms the P.I.N.K Tea Chronicles here The Secret To Buying Your First Home I talked about the one thing that I found to be MOST important throughout this journey.

You may also find it insightful to go back and read (or re-read) day 1 of our 31 Days where I talked about manifesting your goals overall. You can find that blog here Day 1 “ Goal” Higher

So here are your manifestation affirmations for moving into your new space:

Everyday I move closer into the ideal home for me.

I deserve a beautiful home where I feel happy.

I hope that you can understand that with manifestation has to come patience.

You have to trust the timing of your journey and understand that sometimes what we think we want may not be what we NEED and that there may be something better.

As you go through this process of finding your new space, especially with buying a new home you may find that what you initially really wanted may become unavailable to you. For instance, the house you really liked may go off the market as an example. As disappointing as this may feel in the moment remember that this is not your end all be all. You have to remain positive at all times and you will have to accept with a clear mind and heart that something better for YOU is coming and that delayed does not mean denied.

Happy home hunting!!

Until next time my lovelies,

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee