31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/Day 18: Manifesting the Connections You Need

Honestly, there are so many people that have made BIG things happen all while flying solo. They have managed to build businesses, brands, and very successful names for themselves while not having the ability to rely on other people to do so.

Sometimes it just works best that way right?

But then sometimes you do need a support system. We do need outside help. We often hear “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and that has proven to be a very true statement.

So how we can connect this to manifesting? By manifesting the RIGHT connections.

Have you taken a realistic look at the connections you have and how they may or may not be impacting your life?

When you have the right connections, you may find that certain aspects of your life will be impacted in certain ways.

Your motivation for accomplishing goals you have set could be impacted when you are connected to other go getters and motivated individuals.

Your energy may be impacted in a positive, more grounded way when you are connected to people who seek their own peace of mind as a priority.

Your attitude may be impacted by other individuals who choose to focus their primary attention on the good in each day.

Your zest for life may be impacted by surrounding yourself with people who are vibrant and creative.

Your thoughts about how successful you can be may be impacted by filling empty spaces in your time by listening to the advice, tips, and strategies of people that are genuinely living out their own dreams.

Overall, who you choose to be connected to is a very important use of your time because that’s something you can’t get back. By manifesting these influential connections you are putting yourself in a greater position to be the best version of you.

We have already previously covered the how to manifest , now it’s just up to you to execute those techniques.

Here are a few manifestation affirmations to lead you to your goal of positive connections:

I am surrounded by successful like minded individuals.

I am grateful for the connections that bring me success.

I am connected to individuals that bring positive energy to my life.

I am on a path of lifelong abundance and prosperity.

My lifestyle is changing for the good.

The people that I know are inspiring me to succeed.

My friends and acquaintances are exactly who I need in my life.

I attract wonderful and positive like minded individuals into my world.

If you havent checked out a few of the other days in this manifestation journey, such as Manifesting Your Sisterhood or how to “Goal Higher in Life” then go back and start from the beginning of the 31 day journey to understand what it takes to manifest successfully and watch life as you know it begin to shift for the better.

Until next time my lovelies.

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee